Saturday, August 20, 2011

Solstice Publishing - some info

Solstice Publishing is the fastest growing mid-market publisher in the USA.
With almost 80 authors covering every category of fiction and rapidly expanding into nonfiction, Solstice is quickly gaining a reputation for fast paced suspense thrillers, sizzling romance, action adventure, science fiction, and a spooky collection of horror and paranormal reads. Critically acclaimed authors have achieved top spots on best seller lists, become screenplays, and won movie deals with top Hollywood studios.
Solstice books are available in every available eBook format including ePub, MobiPocket, PDF, DjVu for every electronic reading device - Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Android tablet PC, Android phones, iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook Reader, Sony eReader, Windows Mobile Phones, Onyx Book, iRex, WISEreader, and many more.
Traditional print versions can be found in major bookstores throughout the United States and online at Both print and ebooks are available right here on the Solstice website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special coupons and discounts on your next great read! Discovering talented new authors is a major focus for Solstice. Visit the submission guidelines to see how to submit your masterpiece for review. The Solstice editing team is tough, but fair, and committed to bring to the market outstanding stories that inspire, entertain, educate, and transport us to the far away reaches of our imagination. Check out our submisson rules and guidelines.

As for contests and giveaways:

Enjoy this 10% off any EBOOK coupon Code: IZISQD37H> > If you enjoy reviewing books and interviewing authors contact> xchylerconn@... for a free reviewers copy.> > Contest time: Merry Christmas> Win a Kindle Ereader on Christmas> > Run time: July 6th - Dec. 24th 2011> Winner will be announced December 25th, 2011> > To be entered: Buy any Solstice Publishing book and the email address used> to purchase the book will be entered into the drawing. If you purchase a> Solstice Book from another site then email us the reciept to> solsticepublishing@...> > Name will be drawn Dec. 25th and the winner will be emailed Dec. 25th. The> winner has 2 weeks to claim their prize or it expires and a new name will be> drawn and that winner will have 2 weeks to claim their prize and so on until> we actually give the ereader away.

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